I am The World’s Most Dangerous Artist!

I’ve Grown Up! Update below

I’m taking my talents to funny t-shirts. I’m growing up, and moving away from those childish oil paintings for awhile. It is the obvious next step in my evolutionary progression I think. Don’t you? Click the logo above or the picture below to check out my other site. Also, coming back soon is TheScienceGarden.com, but this time for kids, because grown ups aren’t smart enough to understand. The science of nature in people, AND in color!

I was born a baby, and I will never forget that day. You should have seen the look on my mother’s face. I think we were all a little shocked. I don’t think I have ever completely recovered.

I am not an artist because I paint pictures. I paint pictures because I’m an artist. I started painting as an adult because I thought I could replicate a scene of a harbor full of sailboats that was familiar, and people would want to buy. I could not.

It was an ambitious undertaking at any level, and I could not even consistently paint a straight line. My arrogance was quickly replaced with humility, and even after painting hundreds and hundreds of paintings, calling myself an artist still sounds pompous. The first time someone called me an artist, I quickly responded “I’m not an artist. I’m just a guy with a paintbrush and too much time on his hands.”

I really felt that way. Then I realized that being an artist justified my personality and gave me an outlet for my overwhelming desire to create and participate and contribute without having to grow up. I could now contribute A LOT with basically the same knowledge and resources I had in kindergarten. “I used to think I was crazy, but it turns out I’m just an artist.”

It’s not in the hands. It’s in the Artist’s eyes, and the way things might be perceived differently by each individual artist, whereas, many others will all see the same thing. It’s my canvas, and the only place in the whole world where I can truly do whatever I want, and I can literally do anything!

They are not all masterpieces, yet every time, I still get to paint. The finished product is a by-product of the painting, and sometimes it’s pretty good and makes someone feel something and I get to contribute. That’s the best thing in the whole world and what makes my life worth living.

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